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Layering Master is the Perfect Cocktail Making Equipment

It is the weekend and your friends are coming over. Why not impress them with some homemade cocktails ! Product designer Nick Ponomarenko and mixologist expert Stas Mukhin has came together to create the best cocktail utensils set, the Layering Master. The Layering master is a simple to

FLIO, The Simple Yet Elegant Wooden Laptop Stand

Do you ever work on a laptop ? That should be obvious, but a better question is do you like working on your laptop for a long period of time ? Chances are, you hate it because after hours of typing and clicking, your wrist is worn out,

Reemo, A Gesture Control Bracelet to Control the World

  Ever wish your leg could use a break from everyday walking ? uh.. of course. There is no need to think about it. With all the smart technology being introduced everyday by genius across the globe, we will be consumed by technology. Is that a promising future

Ultimus Qi, The Best Wireless Charging Dock…. coming soon

  Introducing Ultimus Qi, the most innovative design and the best wireless charging dock for smartphones and tablets. Ultimus Qi is compatible with all Qi-compatible devices, and get this, it is the first wireless charging dock that does not lay flat.  Ultimus Qi allows the user to

Rollybot, A Wireless Rolling Wifi Camera

What is rolling + camera ?  it equates to a Rollybot.  Rollybot is like having a video camera on a remote control car but MUCH better. Rollybot comes with a modern round shape design, and it includes customizable colored led ring lights. Rollybot is paired with a smartphone app

A Battery Key that Can Charge My Phone ?

  When was the last time your phone ran out of battery when you need it the most ? Perhaps when you were telling your boss you won’t make it to work in time, or maybe you were on the phone giving instructions to the other person, or

Can I Recover Deleted Files on iOS iPhone Device ? (update)

  So, you have pressed the “delete” icon on your iPhone, and now you are scratching your head thinking “oops “. Well, i have got good news and more good news for you. First of all, there are plenty of people that delete files, photos, and messages

QuarterWave, Best Quality and Authentic Bluetooth Speaker

Need a wireless Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone ?  Well, wait and get a QuarterWave in the future. It is one of the finest, handmade wireless Bluetooth speaker coming later this year. The QuarterWave wireless speaker communicates via Bluetooth v4.0 technology to provide full-range of quality sound.  If you don’t

Tickle, Make an App using Ipad

  Ever want to design an iOS app but have no software background ?  well, you are not alone my friend. The hardest step is getting started since you have no idea where to start.  There are many app creation software out there, but they all require

Smart Wallet of the Next Generation

Can’t get enough of smart gadgets around you ? Good news, here is another amazing addition to your collection. Introducing Smart Wallet, it is a premium leather wallet that is hand crafted at Boston, Massachusetts. The Smart Wallet features built in Bluetooth LE & GPS tracker, and