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The Cupid drifting taser drone

  Taser + Drone= Cupid Drone Hexacopter.   A Design from Chaotic Moon Studios has suggested an unconstrained drifting worker that can also taser with 80,000 volts during SXSW. The worker taser ability is activated regulating mobile app. Whenever a burglar or malefactor is speckled on a

Can You Solve the Million Dollar Math Problem?

Do you have what it takes to solve the Riemann hypothesis ?  It may be nearly impossible but let me remind you it is worth $1 million to the person that can solve it. This is one of the seven Millenium Math Problems that is currently being

World Thinnest Smartphone, Gionee’s Elife S5.5

Think we have a thinnest smartphone on your palm ? Think again, At MWC 2014, Gionee phone manufacturer from China has grown a world’s thinnest smartphone, a Gionee Elift S5.5. As a name suggested, a android smartphone is impossibly skinny during usually 5.5 mm. Comparing with a

Apple Touch ID Security Explained in Details

  Have you ever doubted the security of Apple Touch ID on your new iphone 5s ? Well, Apple has got your back. Following the release of the fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Apple team is convincing the public why their sensor is superior by

Flappy Bird -Game Over Forever ?

  Flappy bird is diversion over. if we are looking to download a addicting nonetheless elementary diversion on your android or iOS device, we will be unhappy to find that a diversion is no longer available. The developer Dong Nguyen, behind a tip offered diversion Flappy Bird,

Ouya Game Console Updated, Cost $129

Ouya has released a hardware update to its game console box, sort of at least. The Ouya game console still have the same physical size, port connections and the same Nvidia Tegra 3 chip, but the onboard storage has been doubled to 16GB.  This was originally intended